Takt production

In construction


It’s not about the tools

No tool will do takt production for you. Instead, it takes thorough learning of the method, practical learnings with trial & error, and a whole lot of thinking, planning, cooperation and adjusting. Once you get that, you can go takt all the way even with pen and paper.

However, good tools can help a great deal. Luckily, there are plenty of good ones out there, from those that make you follow the method stricktly to those that allow variations and adjustments to it – especially important in the learning phase, but handy in any real-life situation. We all know the sites are always full of surprises…

How about flexible takt scheduling?

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Collaboration is the key

We believe that no tool, no matter how great it is, can fix industry problems itself. It takes also the process and the people. However, with those in place, great tools can help a great deal.

Because we want to offer worksites the best possible tools to help the daily work, we develop our solutions in close cooperation with the sites – or even literally on the sites. Our goal is to have all parties out there to benefit from the results of our work – and, at best, cooperate with us to make these tools even better in the future.

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Leading with data

Takt production is no longer a new thing in construction – many have studied it, many practice it, many recognize its benefits. But why isn’t it much more wide-spread in construction projects than what it is in reality? The answer may lie in the fact that although the idea is simple, doing it in reality isn’t always so easy. We’ve learned it, and we keep learning it. And we’d love to share and collaborate on the learnings with all of the industry. Let’s make this work, together!

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