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Sitedrive has easy and intuitive tools to create your schedule. You can either create it from scratch or use ready-made templates when schedule repetitive work. All work is done in the browser, so there’s no hassle of storing files. Add your organization to your project and match tasks with the person responsible for publishing

Sitedrive - publish


Once your created a schedule you are happy with, publish it. This will put your schedule into tracking mode. All workers receive their task lists to their apps and you start to receive progress information.

Sitdrive - sign


Once a schedule is published, you receive your personal task calendar into your app. Start working and signing tasks once started and finished. You also see, whether previous handoffs have been made. Your foreman or customer see’s immediately your progress and finished tasks.

Sitdrive - monitor


Sitedrive offers well thought metrics to show and predict the success of your project. Sitedrive estimates the quality for the schedule, and tracks the activity level of all users so that you see if your team is not trying work according to Sitedrive. On-site performance is the metric that shows the value of Sitedrive – are things happening on time or not.


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