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Construction planning in Fira Sitedrive

Plan – Engage – Track

Software alone doesn’t solve any problems – which is why we build our tools to help you succeed. For daily construction management, this means not only smooth schedule planning but also engaging your people to communicate about their progress so that you can keep track on how you’re doing and re-plan as needed.

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Software to support your work


 Create and import schedules
 Work visually with drag&drop, colors, etc.
 Switch between views like gantt, flowline, and more
 Publish entire schedule or parts of it
 Get quality printouts for preferred schedule parts
 View schedule by teams or, for example, trades
 Communicate about tasks and roadblocks in mobile
 See easily which tasks are done or delayed
 Monitor project status and KPIs in easy views
 Training and scheduling engineer services available


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Trusted by professional builders

Sitedrive is used by over 2000 professionals in the Nordics and expanding fast to other countries.

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Create site schedules and make updates as changes occur on site. Zoom within the schedule, say, from weekly to hourly views as needed. Assign the tasks flexibly and effortlessly to the right teams or individuals.



Construction schedule collaboration in Sitedrive mobile

Keep up with your teams smoothly with the mobile app. Allow workers easily see their tasks, update their progress and report roadblocks with a single tap so that site management can take immediate action.



Construction schedule management in Sitedrive

As teams tap their tasks done, gain up-to-date insight to your project status, delays and deviations. Monitor the overall situation with a dashboard including PPC, event log and completion by teams and locations.


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