Release 10/2020 – Easy editing in the renewed UI

October 14, 2020


Sitedrive now has a thoroughly renewed, superb user interface. It brings you a greatly improved user experience with a straightforward way to edit and publish your schedules. In addition, the renewal enables us to bring you more improvements in the future. See in detail below!


Editing made simple – no more multiple drafts

In the new user interface, editing your schedule starts with a single click. The changes you make in the editing mode are merged to your master schedule when you’re ready with them. Simple and straightforward – no more creating and publishing separate drafts.

Video: Editing schedules in Sitedrive


Settings and other basics re-organized

Settings are divided into project settings and schedule settings. Access project settings from the Dashboard and set, for example, users, timeline views, and custom fields for the entire project. The schedule settings, then, include locations and calendar settings needed for managing each individual schedule.

Also, the top bar above the schedule has seen some changes. You still have all your familiar features for filtering, batch editing, importing and printing available, just re-organized so you can find them easier.

Go take a look around, and let us know what you think!


New user guide & handouts

We’ve also renewed our user guide materials. Log into Sitedrive and open help (? icon at the top) to download them!



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