Release 06/2020 – New imports, like Excel

June 4, 2020


Importing schedules to Sitedrive has already been possible from Tocoman (TCM) and Microsoft Project in the XML format. Now we welcome some new import possibilities – see below!


Excel import

As there are still many out there who sketch their schedules in Microsoft Excel, we now introduce an easy import which allows you to create your initial Sitedrive schedule from an Excel data sheet. Note, however, that only coloring fields in the sheet won’t do the magic – your xlsx file needs to have the needed data in named columns. Don’t worry if your data sheet isn’t perfect, though. After import, you can continue working with your schedule as normal.

Video: Imports in 1 minute

Microsoft Project Plan import

In addition to XML from Microsoft Project, you can now also import MPP files into Sitedrive schedules. It’s easy – just start import like for any other format, and select your .MPP file.

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