Fira Smart Services partners with Refine Projects

July 3, 2020


Fira Smart Services partners with refine Projects to expand the use of the Sitedrive construction scheduling software to the German-speaking market area

July 3rd, 2020

Refine Projects AG, a reputable construction consultancy in the international construction scene, and Fira Smart Services, an innovative digital driver within a Finnish construction company, announced an agreement to collaborate on expanding the Fira Sitedrive scheduling and collaboration software among the German-speaking builders.

The collaboration aims at offering project owners local support, training and engineering services to ease the deployment of Fira Sitedrive and the adoption of digital, daily and weekly construction processes. “ Since last year, we have established in numerous discussions that the visions of our two companies for changing the construction and real estate industry are identical. With this collaboration, we are consistently pursuing our path of changing the construction industry and constantly questioning the status quo of project execution with an ingenious partner,” said Bülent Yildiz, CEO of refine Projects AG.

“This fruitful collaboration combines the value-creating principles and lean construction know-how of refine Projects with the pioneering digital and construction expertise of Fira,” affirms Sari Leinonen, Director of Fira Smart Services. “We see that the industry is now being pushed by the global, post-pandemic challenges to take accelerated steps in the long-needed digital leap, and we are excited to be a part of offering construction companies with means to establish efficient communication and management methods, and reach shortened through-put times and productivity gains.”

About Fira Smart Services

Fira Smart Services, a part of Fira Group, aims at providing construction sites with an innovative advantage in the transforming construction industry through digitalization. Their pioneering software solution, Fira Sitedrive, is a modern construction scheduling and collaboration tool designed especially for the needs of construction sites for weekly onsite construction management.

About refine Projects AG

Refine Projects is an international consulting firm set out to inspire, challenge, and refine processes and capabilities especially in complex projects across various industries. The company provides leading edge insight into the application of Lean Design, Lean Construction and Systemic Project Management methodologies to make sustainable improvements, and deliver value with more collaboration and effectiveness.


Fira Media Contacts:
Sari Leinonen, Director, Digital Leap
Fira Smart Services
Phone: +358 405259288

Refine Projects Media Contacts:
Bülent Yildiz, Founder & CEO
Refine Projects AG
Phone: +49 175 5826884

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